Rest is Magical

Oh, to be young and rested... Wait, that's a total contradiction. From what I'm told, young people usually live perfectly fine off borrowed energy, caffine and crashing at two in the morning until they're tweety five-ish. That seems about right to be honest. Except in the cases of if you have some sort of autoimmune pain disease: You still live off borrowed energy, caffine and falling asleep at two in the morning (and probably some medicines) but you tend to flare, be miserable and lots of other 'fun' things. Oh, to be young and chronically ill.

I'm a jealous person. I'm jealous that a week of school and Christmas shopping takes a lot out of me. I'm jealous there are days I'm doing work in bed or on my couch because I can't muster the strength to sit up correctly. I'm jealous that although I can and will push myself to go and do things, I often end up very painful and tired after (but never regretful). For goodness sakes, I'm jealous I can't donate blood!

At the moment I am writing from my bed. Everything is hurting. It would probably feel better if I got up and stretched but I just don't have the energy right now. I use to take an art class on Saturday for fun that I had to wake up at six for. I'm so glad the class is over because my body really needs rest after a busy week, as shown by today. I'm supposed to be going to a Chrismtas party in an hour and a half and I'm literally not getting up for another half hour. I need it.

Listen to your body. Rest is a magical thing for it, and even though there never seems to be enough  every bit you can get. This busy world doesn't seem to be made for us sometimes, but it doesn't mean we can't make it work.


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