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Here's To a New Year

Here's to a Happy New Year! Wishing you a good year. It's come to my attention that this year hasn't really ended on the right foot, so I propose that 2013 become a peaceful year. Just a proposal, of course. Naturally, it's at this point in a post that I would tell you the current status of my health. Rather than writing of stiffness, pain and fighting through it, I'm rather happy to announce that despite the stiffness, pain and fighting through it, I'm doing quite well. Granted, I suppose the stiffness, pain and fighting isn't exactly considered 'doing quite well,' but it's much better than usual. I truly wish I could have started Enbrel earlier, if I had known what a good impact it would have on my life. Here's to starting a new year where chronical illness will be conquered by all.

Five Fears

When I tell people I go to the hospital a lot, do my own shots, and all this sort of thing regarding medicine, they say that they couldn't handle it. I know a lot of people who have a lot of fears or anxiety about needing medical treatment. Trust me, I've been there. In fact, I still have a lot of fears medical wise. Granted, not as much as I began with but, none the less, I still have fears. Whilst there are many fears and anxiety, a lot of the ones I've heard about from others seem to revolve around these five things: 1. Fear of a poor quality of life. No one wants to live in pain or be disabled. I don't think anyone would like that. 2. Fear of the unknown. It's hard to live not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Living asking 'Do I have cancer,' 'Is my liver failing as we speak,' and 'What's wrong' is very stressful and painful. I know this fear and pain personally. 3. Fear of inability to pay for treatment. Walking around feeling o

Please, Bare With Me

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, holiday, or whatever they celebrate. On Christmas Eve I did announce that there are some changes to the blog, and a few things I would like to talk about, as well as a posting schedule for the next days. First of all I did update a post called 'Methotrexate Irregular Periods.' Originally when I wrote it, I was very upset and needed to express my concerns. I forgot about the post until recently when I have gotten a lot of views on this post. I'd like to say that Methotrexate HAS helped a lot of people, that that particular side effect is rather uncommon and since it was uncommon I was stressing that people should take it seriously should it happen to them, and to also listen to their body. But I would like to say a medicine will only work if you let it: You can easily convince yourself a medicine won't work, so even if it does you won't feel relief. People can even convince themselves into getting a certain side effect. Per

Wishing You a Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas! In the last few days there have been changes to the blog, have no fear however as I will discuss these small changes later. Any how, I will not be posting tomorrow but like always, I'll be here to answer comments and emails. Have a nice holiday!

Wonderful Christmas Time

Last night was yet another party, and I had a wonderful time at that. I am very much thankful for having a wonderful family and great friends, especially at this time of the year. Overall, I've been having a wonderful Christmas time with limited arthritis pain. The first least painful Christmas I've had in a while. I find this reason to celebrate! After Christmas I'm going back to hospital for a few tests and visits, which I will talk about after the holiday. However for right now, I feel no need in causing worry, sadness or anything of the such. So in the festive spirit, I'd like to forget the pain, medicine, hospitals and needles and say Happy Christmas!

Christmas List

Last night's party was a success! Everyone had a jolly time, and one boy acted as Father Christmas to hand out presents at our gift swap. I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed it. On to other things, I wanted to give you a bit of a peek at my Christmas list. This year for Christmas I would love new coloured pencils, new clothes and some books. This year Arthur is asking for a hot tub (to relax sore joints), Enbrel in pill form, extremely comfortable shoes and some hand warmers. Also I'd just like to say thanks for reading the adventures of Arthur Itis and I!

Party of Enemies

Tonight is the night of a Christmas party amongst friends. We planned a lovely night of music, friends and fun. I am very happy about attending shortly. However I did find that one person invited is one I don't get along with at all. This person has hurt me a lot in the past, however none of my friends know this.I feel a bit trapped because I am hurt but can't express it. Even though arthritis hurts me, I can express the pain one way or another. This time I can't. Regardless I'm excited to go shortly. Even Arthur is excited to go, my muscles a bit stiff with anticipation but not (very) painful! Cheers to a good night.

Stress, School, Swim

Christmas is nearly here! Usually it's a very stressful time. This year I planned ahead of what needs to be done. Granted, I've been pacing myself pretty well and keeping Arthur at peace with Enbrel, but it's none the less still very stressful. It's not so much the holiday stress getting to me, it's more of stress at school. I know teachers have to do their job and all, but the mountains of homework aren't exactly making this an enjoyable time. Luckily I'm about done with school so I can focus on being happy with my family and friends soon. Some of my friends and I are actually having a Christmas party in the coming days and I'm very excited for that. But of course I've been facing a bit of physical stress. I still have to swim a few days in school and on top of the classes before and after, my body has taken quite a toll. The other day after swimming about seven laps, I thought I was okay. My heart rate is still quite high and I've been nervous

Today Is Very Boring by Jack Prelutsky

It was a long day, if I may say. A tiresome day, if I may say. I don't know what to really write today, since I' haven't really been away. But today I thought, I thought to myself, that I'd share a favourite poem today. Yes, that is what I'll do. "Today Is Very Boring" by Jack Prelutsky Today is very boring, it’s a very boring day, there is nothing much to look at, there is nothing much to say, there’s a peacock on my sneakers, there’s a penguin on my head, there’s a dormouse on my doorstep, I am going back to bed. Today is very boring, it is boring through and through, there is absolutely nothing that I think I want to do, I see giants riding rhinos, and an ogre with a sword, there’s a dragon blowing smoke rings, I am positively bored. Today is very boring, I can hardly help by yawn, there’s a flying saucer landing in the middle of my lawn, a volcano just erupted less than half a mile away, and I think I felt an earthquake, it’s a very boring day.

Babies, Heros and Hanukkah

Yesterday in the United States of America, the world experienced another tragedy. Six adults and twenty young children died in school at the hands of a young man with a gun in his hand. This is not the first time we've ever experienced this sort of tragedy. I'd rather not like to say, however, that it won't be the last. And I'd like to keep the thought 'What next?' out of my head because too many terrible thoughts came to mind. What did any of those babies do to deserve this? That's what they were: Babies. All those children who were rescued are babies. Innocent little people who just wanted to see their parents and siblings. Those adults who saved them? Heroes. The adults who died? Heroes. All I can say is that no one deserved to die. Definitely not the children, and definitely not the adults. No one deserves to die that way. Yesterday when I went to my friend's house to observe a Hanukkah celebration, his mum gave everyone a hug. "It's a h

Submiting Levels

Wish me luck! I've been working hard on that project for the contest I mentioned in my last post, and it's nearly done! At the moment I'm getting the judgement of my teachers to help make minor improvements and getting approval through the school to send in my art work (which includes, but is not limited to, three art teachers, one contest representative of my school, and my actual school). I'm extremely excited!! I can't wait to submit it, and I'm even more excited for judging! I'm sorry to be very vague about this contest, it's simply a security issue and also the fact that I like that we can just have 'a contest' and not 'This Very Official Contest of This University and If You Don't Win, You Are A Disgrace.' So, yeah. No pressure. :)

Art and Contest

Recently I've decided to enter an art contest. I don't usually tell people about my plans art wise, but this one I'd rather like to share. While I won't say the name of the contest, I will say it's a rather important one and winning is quite an honor. I haven't submitted my work yet, in fact I've barely begun as I only found out about the contest today. But I did want to tell you all for a specific reason: So I follow through. I'm known not to follow through with all my projects, but I feel that if I tell someone, it'll be inspiration enough to do my best work and enter the contest. Here's to hoping I follow through!

Love From Arthur

Dearest Reader, I know I have not posted in a long time: Usually Elizabeth posts exclusively. However, I have something rather important to share. "Have no fear, the Rheumatologist is here!" Signed, Arthur

A School Kid's Day

Recently I've had a conversation with someone about my school. They asked why I'm very tired after school (arthritis aside). To tell you the truth, most kids from my school are exhausted after school. This is what one  school day looks like: they're not all this long, but it is quite often that they are. Kids begin to travel to get to school as early as 6:15. Early morning meetings and tutoring begin at 7:00, which is when most kids begin to arrive, however most kids rather hang out with friends. Classes start around 7:30. We get to go to lunch at 11:00 (some kids go to the library or go out to play football). Classes resume at about 11:30 and ends at 14:00. Some kids go home at this point. Clubs, tutoring, sports, detention, and such begin at 14:15 (Don't worry, no detentions for me :) ). Some kids do homework and relax in the library with friends (after a bit it's more socialising than working). We can also work out with exercise equipment. Most clubs le


Hello everyone! I don't have much to post about today, but I have exciting news regardless: I've created an email incase anyone wants to contact me. I'll be more than happy to talk about arthritis, chronic illness, emotions, anything really, as long as anyone would like to speak I'll be there to listen (or rather, if anyone would like to write I'll be there to read). Feel free to shoot me an email!

Just Keep Swimming

When boys and girls are little, we can't seem to get them out of a swimming pool. Once their older, it seems we can't get them in a swimming pool. In school, I have to take swimming class. Unfortunately. In my first year of swimming almost everyone participated. Now, after several years, most everyone dreads it. Today, in a class of twenty kids (nine girls, eleven boys), only six kids (including me) swam (two girls, four boys). It's been worse. Once I was the only girl with four boys. But that's besides the fact. Kids won't do swimming class because they don't want to. I can understand, the reasons being: 1. Your hair feels gross and is wet for the rest of the day. 2. The swimming is intense. 3. They don't give us enough time to get ready for our next class. Among other things of course. I do swimming regardless, I've only missed one class of all my years of swimming due to feeling extremely ill that day. I've gotten very use to having to push thr