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3 Reasons to Try the PsA Healthline App

  The internet has changed the lives of millions with chronic pain and hidden disabilities: it helped others feel less isolated. Starting this blog when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis changed my life for the better. But Healthline has made it even easier for those with psoriatic arthritis to be connected with their new PsA Healthline app . I was so happy when they asked me to partner with them for the app's launch, and now I'm excited to share with you why I think this app is a game-changer for anyone with PsA. 1. Groups- made just for you My absolute favorite part of this app is the organized groups where you can post in!  I have two reasons why I love this so much: the first is that when I am asking a question or starting a discussion on a certain topic, I know my post is in the right place. It doesn't get lost the way it does on Facebook groups- it's going to reach others who are looking for posts about that specific topic. My second reason is that the grou

Looking for a Supportive Community? Check Out Healthline's Psoriatic Arthritis App

While I've always loved to write, the true reason I created The Girl with Arthritis was to meet others with arthritis, especially those dealing with psoriatic arthritis. Being diagnosed with PsA was such an isolating time, and I desperately wanted to reach out to others going through the same thing as me. So when Healthline reached out and asked if I would help them launch their new app devoted to those with psoriatic arthritis, I was so excited!  The PsA Healthline app is truly so much more than just an app- it's a supportive, diverse, and engaging community. I've already met so many wonderful people on this app, and I've only been using the app for two weeks. It's so much more than a support group. The PsA Healthline app offers: Multiple groups where you can post your personal updates, questions, advice, or whatever you like. Sometimes, my questions feel like they're lost in a sea of posts on my other support groups through social media. But here, I know that

How to Deal With Pain Caused by Physical Therapy

 After slowly rolling out of bed, I hobble to the bathroom. I don’t want to move a muscle — they’re all aching and don’t want to cooperate. Sitting on the toilet is a joke, and so is trying to get back up. No, I’m not in the midst of a juvenile arthritis flare. Nor am I recovering from an injury or fall. Nope. I’m recovering from a new regimen of exercises I started to strengthen my hips. And I am feeling it. Read more about dealing with pain from physical therapy...