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George Harrison

Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of the death of a legend: George Harrison. George is one of my favourite artists in the world, and I'd like to just acknowledge the day of his early death.

Do Or Don't Do.

"Do or don't do. There is no try." -Yoda (Star Wars). I've heard this time and time again. And it's true: You can either do something, or you don't do something. When you try, if you succeed you have done something and if not you have done nothing. Regardless of that, I still feel like trying counts more than to not do anything. Even if your knees give out under you, it doesn't mean no action was done to stand. It's not as if you never gave a thought, a care, or the effort. Anyway, a lot of people seem to adopt this way of thinking. Perhaps it helps them get things done. I don't know since it's not really my philosphy. I'd rather like to think, "And even if nothing happens, it doesn't mean we didn't try."

Grand and Leave

Yesterday was a grand day. I got to spend the day with two of my aunts and we shopped and had a wonderful meal together. I rather like getting to spend the day with family exclusively, as I notice a lot of times people seem to forget that one another exist. Too many walls are built for love to be able to pass through. Then again, that seems to be the point. There have been many times in life when I've found that I have lost friends. Usually there are no fights, we just stop corresponding. And, of course, there are times when trust is lost and promises broken and it's in those times when people forget that anger is not the only emotion in the world. Perhaps though, that is just when you know that your ready to move on. However in those situations, I feel it is better to simply let communcation slip rather than to be hurtful about another (especially behind one's back). It shows  a lot of respect towards the other person as well as yourself to simply keep hurtful thoughts to

School Oil Spill

I don't know if I ever talked about a particular prank played in my school, but I was thinking about it today as I walked to class with my friend and we talked a bit about it. A few months ago, some of the older kids were up to jokes and pranks. Most did funny jokes that didn't hurt anyone, such as using noise makers in the corridors. However one joke/prank really stood out from the rest. I was in a class that was nearby a main, busy corridor. There is a ramp going down on one side of the corridor. While everyone else was busy in class doing school work (as they should be), someone poured olive oil all over this corridor. When class let out, kids streaming from everywhere came to this corridor. Dozens walked into this terrible mess. Every child who walked into the oil had to call home or ask a friend for a pair of shoes because simply walking wouldn't be safe. However this was not the end. Very many kids, especially those on the ramp, slipt and fell. One girl my age slip

Pushing Buttons

Lately I've been getting the feeling people really can't be concerned with anything that doesn't affect them. For example, my friend and I were joking and when I joked about the both of us having kidney problems, he said, "No, I'm the one with the kidney problems." And I said to him that I do too, that I had told him so many times about my kidney problems. I thought he was listening, especially since he responded. I thought he understood because he had surgery to repair kidney problems. I guess not. But asides from that, just about everyone seems insensitive to one another lately: doing annoying actions repetively, forgetting one another, talking badly about other's friends, and even competing with one another's life stories. All of those are currently affecting me. It's times like now when you really realise how alone you are sometimes.

Thinking Of Pain

Recently, I've experienced 'thinking away pain.' I noticed that when I started thinking about my kidneys and the pain I got from them, I would begin to get that pain. When I thought about taking Enbrel as being painful, it was worse. Also when I watched a medical documentary, I found that a whole group of young men 'gave' each other a disease with various symptoms because one said he had that particular symptom. Eventually they all convinced one another that they were unable to move their legs. When I began to get a throbbing headache and nasuea the other day, I remembered this. So I began to tell myself that I don't have a headache, and thought about something else. It helped so much. I'm begining to believe the idea that the only disablitiy we have is telling ourselves we 'can't.' Fun Fact: You can bite off your finger as easily as biting into a carrot but your brain tells you 'no, don't bite off your finger.'

A Long, Sleepless Week

I'm extremely relieved that the week is over, it has been quite long. I've been working on homework assignments all week long, often late into night. But not only that, I've had quite a few embarassing blunders that I'm ready to forget all about. Anyway I'm quite sore from the stress and tension lately. I simply can't wait to relax. I don't have much to talk about medically as I feel like I've been focusing too much on that. Though, I'd like to say that I am doing great on Enbrel and have had no problems in doing injections. Besides getting over  that fact that I'm injecting myself. Also I'd like to end off this post with a little wisdom: Don't talk about people behind their backs. Even if it makes you feel better in the short term, it'll come back to bite you in the long run and anyway, there is a very good chance that person will find out. Especially if it's a lie made to look the person look bad.

Great Enbrel, Bad Kidneys

My visit to the hospital yesterday was a rather good one, I'd say. I'd like to start off saying that Enbrel has definitely helped, and it showed in the fact I showed more range of motion just about everywhere and I have slight pain reduction. Two great, promising things. A 5% improvement in just a few weeks is great hope. Sometimes people tell me that hospitals as depressing. I don't really look at doctors and hospitals to be something to be depressed about. I rather like my doctors, nurses (most of them anyway), technicians, and the other patients and families I meet. We laugh an awful lot and have great conversations. I know getting your blood drawn is unpleasant, but it doesn't have to be completely unpleasant: A great phlebotomist and conversation can really make it 95% better! But anyway, my mum and I tried a new restaurant afterward. Even though we hated it, it was great that we got to go out and try something different. We did some shopping and had a great

Joy That Came From Pain

So sorry (AGAIN) to be late posting: I've been very busy. In fact, I have had barely any time to sleep forget write. But I will have some time in the next few days, or so I hope. Tomorrow I will actually be going back to the hospital again, to get my arthritis checked on as well as my kidneys, which I have been having problems with lately. I will have news of that much later. As most people know, I constantly pick on my arthritis and even the kidney problems. I probably sound like a jerk to people who don't get it. The fact is, the more I joke, the more it helps me in the long run. Joking on it makes it less of a big deal. It helps me become tougher and in charge of my disease. Also it helps my friends to be comfortable with the fact there is no need to pretend nothing is happening. Anyway, I'd rather laugh at arthritis than always be sad and worrying. But none the less, I think it has it's humour. I love to pick on the fact I can't straighten my fingers all the w