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Leflunomide, Calcium Oxalate Crystals, and Kidney Stones

Updated: October 2022 My name is Elizabeth and I will never have an easy disease to diagnose. It took several years ro get my diagnosis. I've taken a few different drugs, but none of them truly worked out for me. Methotrexate didn't work well. But Leflunomide changed my life. Not so much arthritis-wise, as I responded well. However, I began experiencing possible thyroid and kidney problems while taking leflunomide. I have calcium crystals in my kidneys, which could later become stones. As my mum says, "I'm sparkling on the inside."  We found this as blood was found in my urine many times. I also had to do a twenty-four hour urine sample, which is when you collect all the urine you produce in twenty-four hours. It really is quite embarrassing walking into the hospital with a container of your own urine, but it's worth it. I'm currently seeing a specialist for this problem and we are taking care of it right now by discontinuing leflunomide and lett

The Director, Narrator, Script Writer and Child

I don't feel like pouring my emotions into a post today. Today, I don't want to talk about my arthritis. In fact, I'm not even in the mood to complain about homework today. No, today I'm just going to tell you about a fun time I had. The other night my guy friend came over for dinner, and after dinner some of my family came over. While he and I tried to watch a Harry Potter movie, my young cousin decided she must ask us a "silly question and you're going to laugh."  She asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, to which we replied no. Then she proceeded to ask our favourite Disney Characters. And some how we we're actors in her play of Hercules and Cinderella falling in love and getting married. Of course, Hercules and Cinderella with odd acents because you must distort your voice when acting in a child's play. I think the best part of this was that we got this on film. She very much enjoyed that she "Got to direct (and be the narrato

I'm Invisible

As we have found my kidney problem is rather minor, I can say confidently nearly everything is back to normal. So, I'd like to post less about the news today and rather write what comes from the heart. It's often said people with hidden disabilities suffer more than they should. This is very true. Those with more outward conditions tend to be helped more, and this is due  to the fact people know it's the right thing to do. However, when you can't see what's going on you don't know anything is wrong. For this, I don't expect a stranger to hold the door or offer a seat on a crowded train.When I'm with family and friends though, I'm rather quiet in the fact I won't complain about pain or feeling sick. I don't expect life to stop just because of me. I don't want to burden my family or friends with my arthritis. Honest. Why should I always have to kill the fun? Every time I have, I always seemed to make everyone miss out on something. I'

I'm Back Once More

Hello again. I've been home from holiday for a few days now, and ready to write about what has been going on. What I wrote in my last post was actually regarding my best friend, of whom also has arthritis. Her medicines, as well as mine and most other's, have a risk of cancer. We had a 'cancer scare' a few days ago, as  she needed a biopsy  to check for Lymphoma. After waiting a few nerve wracking days of waiting  for results, we found she does not have cancer. It was a huge relief, naturally. However now I'm going through  a medical scare of my own. I've demonstrated quite a few symptoms  of thyroid and kidney problems. In the past few days home, I've gone through several tests and shall go  for more tomorrow before seeing a specialist the day after. At the moment, I am alright. It was not quite that way at the doctor's office when we recieved this news. And it's still quite heart breaking for  my family and friends. Right now, I'm trying not

The Test

Hello. No I haven't returned from holiday, but I have found time to post. So... how's it going? I'm fine. Kind of. Sort of. A little bit. Maybe. Though I'm not ready to truely release what has been going on in my life (holiday aside), I will let you know I have been going through a very hard and uncertain time. I dont' know when I will be ready to write about it, but rest assured I will eventually. I'm just not ready. What's happening is very sad, unfortunate and makes me very angry. And I hate to admit, but I'm frightened at the moment too. Now more than ever is time to be brave, but I find courage is hard to find when you need it. Perhaps at a later date my loyalty will begin to be tested. Though I know I'm a rather loyal person, for the first time in my life my true loyalty will be needed and come out, that is if I truely am. Anyhow, thank you for reading and I will update in a few days or sooner.