Psoriasis is so Easy to Treat

Updated October 2022

Lately, I've spent a lot of time reading articles online. One of my favourite places is All Women Stalk: I like the beauty and hair advice, and I really like the name. Last night I was on All Women Stalk and one article was very interesting to me: 7 Skin Problems That Are So Easy to Treat. I expected this article would talk about things like dry skin, but I was proved very wrong. One of the problems that are so easy to treat is psoriasis. Psoriasis?! Easy to treat?! Over my dead body it's easy to treat.

The article states that the number six easiest skin problem to treat is psoriasis. This is what the website says:

"You might not realize how common psoriasis is. In fact, it’s one of the most common skin conditions that affect adults. It produces red, scaly, dry patches of skin and can appear most anywhere on the body. There are several types of psoriasis, and some require nothing more than taking a prescription pill. As long as you remember to take it every day, there’s really no simpler way to treat a skin condition."

No, it's not. It's not easy to treat at all. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition in which T cells cause the skin to become irritated and inflamed and skin cells to go through their cycle that usually takes 30 days in only 3, causing the redness and scales. Yes, it can be controlled with prescription pills- often low dose chemo and other immunosuppressants. It is not the simple matter of a pill though, these medications are very serious and side effects can be unpleasant. Though, other medications can be used: if creams and pills don't work, there are things called biologics you can take. They're injections, often given by the person themselves anywhere from every two weeks to twice a week. In addition to skin psoriasis, one can also get nail psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, a debilitating, autoimmune arthritis. 

This article infuriates me. Not because of how inaccurate it is. Not because I have psoriatic arthritis and nails. But because my beautiful mum has psoriasis. It covers a good portion of her body, and there are many articles of clothing she will not wear because it would show the affected skin. Do you know how painful it is? I can only imagine what it is for her, because it is so painful to watch. I hate to watch her suffer, often silently. To read an article about how easy it is to clear psoriasis is so upsetting. If it's so easy, why is my mum still suffering? 

Let's not take this. These conditions, especially autoimmune, are not easy to treat as many insist they are. This is just one example of a society that calls autoimmune arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disease, Lyme disease and hundreds of other diseases easy to treat, or even fake. Please, let's tell All Women Stalk how horrible this article is. I've listed many ways to get in touch with them, if you would please help. If you cannot do that, please share this article. There are many people with psoriaisis. Let's give this often silent disease a voice.

The All Women Stalk Twitter: @AllWomenStalk

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Don't ignore this issue. Please share.


  1. Only the Facebook link worked, Elizabeth. The first two popped up as 404 messages. Maybe they're rethinking that article? Hope so. It was quite ignorant and irresponsible--the correct info about psoriasis is easily researched.

    Good on you for calling them out on it and spreading the word.

  2. Thanks! I will fix that right away!


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