At The Moment

I'm more than just a little confused right now. Things change very quickly, and often they are things completely out of our power.

I would like to start off that in almost every respect, life is good. And I don't mean 'good' like when someone asks you how your day went and 'good' just pops out: I mean it is good. The powerful good. My classes are amazing, my friends are fantastic, my spiritual side is on fire, and I've even lost some weight. Life is good. There is a lot of joy in my life right now and I'm enjoying the fast pace of it all. I only wish it would slow down so I could savor every single second of it.

But it's a confusing time health wise. Actually, it's been more like an emotional rollercoaster. Some things have happened that I only imagined would happen in nightmare or horror movies (Like, the spoonie kind). It's why I haven't posted lately. I just don't know what to write and tell you because frankly I don't know what to tell myself. And I'm not going to try to explain it to you until I can explain it to myself.

Even in the confusion, there are things I know for certain and I'd like to let you know them. It's that I'm doing fine right now, even with the seasons changing I'm holding up alright. I am walking more than I ever have before, and the exercise is helping. Not all the time, but I can certainly see I've gained some strength and endurance. But the most important thing is I have the support of many people right now. There are so many who have shown a great deal of caring and kindness to me when I needed it most. I don't think they know how much it really means to me that they care so much. And of course, always having my mum to talk and defend me is always a blessing.


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