3 Reasons to Try the PsA Healthline App


The internet has changed the lives of millions with chronic pain and hidden disabilities: it helped others feel less isolated. Starting this blog when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis changed my life for the better.

But Healthline has made it even easier for those with psoriatic arthritis to be connected with their new PsA Healthline app. I was so happy when they asked me to partner with them for the app's launch, and now I'm excited to share with you why I think this app is a game-changer for anyone with PsA.

1. Groups- made just for you

My absolute favorite part of this app is the organized groups where you can post in! 

I have two reasons why I love this so much: the first is that when I am asking a question or starting a discussion on a certain topic, I know my post is in the right place. It doesn't get lost the way it does on Facebook groups- it's going to reach others who are looking for posts about that specific topic.

My second reason is that the groups are extremely well thought out there's a group to cover almost everything! I especially love the Mental and Emotional Health group- it's somewhere just to talk about the effects this disease has on our hearts, not necessarily to talk about our physical symptoms.

2. Live Discussions almost every night

Live discussions are hosted Sunday through Thursday at 5:30 PST, and they are a blast! Live discussions are casual text group discussions around a specific topic. Just a few of the awesome topics so far have been alternative therapies, food to fight arthritis, products for easy living, and fatigue.

I love seeing what everyone has to say about these topics, and I've found myself taking notes of new ways to cope with PsA. Plus, the guide Jenny is awesome!

3. Meet others!

One of the last things I want to mention is that this app offers one-to-one matching. Based on the information you filled out when you registered, you'll be matched with others who you can message. This feature can be switched on and off, so you can turn it off if you aren't interested or if the timing isn't great (life gets busy!).

It's so easy to feel isolated with this condition, so the one-to-one matching is such a differentiator from other groups. On social media, you may feel like one in the crowd (which is sometimes comforting), but here you have the opportunity to get to know someone and become friends. I've made some very close friends online and am so thankful others will have the opportunity to as well.

What's not to love?

There are way more reasons to love this app than I listed, from getting reliable health information to being supported by an online community. I highly recommend you check it out! 

You can download the free app here: https://psa.onelink.me/Banf/e862346d

I hope to see you there! You can find me @GirlwithArthritis


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