Our Amazing Bodies

At the moment, I'm wondering if I cut my foot off at the ankle joint, would the arthritis there be gone or would I have half as much pain? Either way, it sounds extremely appealing. I marvel at the strength of the human body. It's amazing what we can put it through. What's more amazing is what it can put us through.

I find it strange how one can be in so much pain but manage to get up and do what needs to be done. Whether they've got a slight limp or have to drag themselves on the furniture to stay up. And just staying half awake is a miracle on some days, and what an amazing strength that is when your body needs the healing power of sleep. 

But our bodies are not indestructible. We must take good care of them. In the summer, it's easier to forget  that we are in control of how we treat our bodies. So please be kind to your body this summer:
  • Don't force yourself into cold water (whether at the beach or pool). For me, cold water is extremely painful. People with autoimmune diseases tend to be more sensitive to cold. If you must, ease yourself in. Swimming is excellent exercise.
  • Don't over do it. Especially if your body is not used to the heat. Pace yourself- you'll get there, you'll just save a lot of spoons (energy) doing so. Anyway, what's so great about the fast track?
  • Hydration. We've read it over and over again, so I won't bore you
  • Stay safe in the sun. It doesn't mean you have to stay indoors (if you aren't too sun sensitive). It means protect yourself. I love the sun but I make sure to use plenty of SPF and cover up with light layers.
So as summer as come, please be kind to your body and don't over do it... Like me... Again.


  1. Great advice! :) I hope your sore foot feels better, sounds like you pushed it quite a bit!

    Just so you know, I used one of your posts in my latest post. Hope that's okay with you! :)

    1. Oh yes I pushed it a bit too far. It's much better now though, thank you :)

      That's fine with me! Thanks for letting me know. :)


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