Psoriatic Nail Care

Finger nails and toe nails: We've all got them. Some people paint them, some people bite them, and some people have psoriasis on them. I have psoriatic nails. They're highly common in people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, though you don't need either to have psoriatic nails. At this point in time I don't have psoriasis, which makes people wonder how I can possibly have psoriatic arthritis. It's actually because psoriatic nails are highly common in those with psoriatic arthritis and
shows the presence of psoriasis. I know of a few people who are diagnosed in the same way.

Psoriatic nails tend to having pitting (dents in the nail) but can have lines or seperation of the nail and skin, as well as brittle and discoloured nails. I've dealt with all those problems except pitting. Luckily it's mostly on my toes rather than my fingers, but it still does have it's share of problems. I use to have to swim for school and I'd want to wear open toed shoes. I even had to have part of a nail removed (ow). So I have my share of tips for anyone with nail problems:
  • Painting your nails can help keep them moist, but do take it off every four weeks and give your nails time to breathe. Clear coats are the best. It may be a good idea to change colour coats more often.
  • If you're going to paint them, use ones that contain no acetones. I wore varnish/polish that contained acetones and every time it made my nails flare. Acetones can damage a nail.
  • Keep affected nails short and buffed to prevent possible nail damage and breakage.
  • If your nails are brittle like mine and crack and rip as you cut them, trim them a little longer than you want them and then file them down. You'll get rid of any cracks or rips that way, and you won't break the nail close to the skin.
  • If your toe nail psoriasis is painful, see a foot doctor. They can help. Wear shoes that are a bit large or open in the meantime.
  • If your feet are particularly sweaty, change socks twice a day and after working out. The bacteria build up can make it worse. Wear shoes in pool showers and wet areas: it's important to protect your nails from possible infections.
  • Make sure that when you use moisturizing lotions, to cover your nails too: this can help the nails a lot! 
Psoriatic nails can be painful and embarrassing. I use to do swimming in school and was afraid everyone would think I was diseased and contagious because of my nails. No one ever said anything to me. In nice weather I never wanted to wear open toe shoes because of the same reasons: Ive never caught anyone staring. Nail problems- psoriatic or not- are very common. Have confidence in your nails: most people will go through a hard time with theirs at some point in their lives! People are more understanding than we believe.


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