The Best Day

The best way to start the day is calmly. Let the alarm go off a few times. Put on your favourite music.  Stretch gently if you can, even if you're still in bed. Think about the day ahead. Smile, when you get the strength, because it's a new day and a new start. Take a deep breath. Begin the day because it's a new adventure.

The best way to spend your day is calmly. Slow down: There's little need to rush. Smile at the weary stranger on the street. Live in the moment. Have a conversation with someone you never talk to but see every day. Notice the little things: The fresh flowers in a vase, the cooing baby on the bus, the brightly coloured postcards pinned on the wall. Don't let the small things frustrate you. Work with a smile. Let your friends know you love them.

The best way to end your day is calmly. Give yourself time for you. Take a soothing bath. Cuddle under a warm blanket. Lose yourself in a great book. Relax your body and your mind. Journal your thoughts and emotions. Don't dwell on the past. Scheme plans for the future.


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