Save Our Elders

The other day I decided to use Google to look up funny arthritis pictures. Some of them were extremely funny. Some of them were tremendouly depressing. Funny ones including things that said "Did you try this natural remedy?" or "My grandmother has that too" accompanied by hilarious comics. Depressing ones included an angel leading an elderly person to heaven saying, "Don't worry, that arthritis won't bother you anymore," and such. I'm a jokester, as most people know this fact about me quite well, but it was simply depressing to see comics of the elderly being led into death with promises of that being the only way to end their pain. Maybe I read too far into those pictures, but I nearly cried. So many elderly are abandoned by their families, and so many are sick. They need their loved one's to be with them, not an instant death the moment they have arthritis. Just because something is older, doesn't mean it's 'out of date.' If anything, it's something to treasure. I don't feel it's different with people: The elderly are people and need love and compassion, not to be tossed aside like a broken television. Maybe I'm a bit too old fashion for people now, but I respect my elders and care for all people the same.
I know I went a bit off track, but I hated seeing the elderly being depicted in such a way in comics: That the only thing that death is the only thing for them: Not to see their children and grandchildren, to play checkers and attend gatherings, or to just be loved. I just don't think it's right, let's have respect for our elders pplease.


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