Skating Pain

I love hanging out with friends. I love doing fun things with my friends. I hate getting hurt in front of my friends. Especially when it's a birthday.
A few days ago my friends and I went rollerskating to celebrate my good friend's birthday. None of us had gone skating in a long time, in fact I haven't roller skated since I was eleven, maybe twelve. So I got on the floor, fell once when I wasn't paying attention. I laughed and said, "All you need is one good fall and you're set!" I was fine and we skated for awhile longer. Then I forgot which foot you use to stop. And  I panicked. And fell. On my wrist. Hard.
I was actually fine for a few minutes and then I noticed it hurt. I tried to chill it with my drink and it helped a minute, but more or less I couldn't really use it and I somewhat couldn't move it. It got worse later into the night. Granted I had an excellent time watching friends who never skated before learn slowly let steadily, seeing more advanced skaters do tricks, joking around, skating while holding hands with my 'special someone,' and just celebrating one of my greatest friend's birthday.
Anyway, the next day was when I really learnt how badly I hurt myself. I couldn't move it very well, it hurt a lot and it was a bit warm to the touch. Though no swelling, I'm treating it as a sprain because of the lack of movement. Anyway I've had sprains before just like that, and it took an x-ray to see it!
At the moment I'm wearing a bandage to immobilise it and I'm doing gentle exercises. Hopefully it will help!


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