Thank You, Nurse

When I was eight years old, I had my first flare up. I had to go to hospital for a week, and it was terrible. The flare up actually lasted about three weeks, but I was only in hospital for the worst week. I know nurses work very hard, but I had a terrible experience with my nurses. They started my IV wrong, often made me walk when it was simply too painful to, sat on the bed causing discomfort as they made me move (not a good idea), would be short with me when I couldn't move (I was extremely stiff) among many other things.
However there was one nurse whom I absolutely adored. She was very patient with me, and often soothed me. In fact, she stayed with me during an MRI when my mum couldn't be there with me. I recall she used to come at random with ice lollies (Popsicles). During my hospital stay, my aunt brought me fishes in seperate bowls. To say thank you, I gave the nurse one of them and she put it in the waiting room for people to enjoy.
To this day I still think about her an awful lot. I think of how she went above and beyond typical nurse duties. I think of her thoughtfullness. And I just remember how much of a real person in pain she treated me as: not another over-reacting child. I physically had problems moving and it was very painful to even be touched.
I swear if I could see her again, I would tell her thank you so much. I'd tell her how much I remember her, even if she doesn't remember me.


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