Leflunomide, Enbrel and Heart

I went to the rheumatologists yesterday. I can say that was  easily one of the worse visits ever. Due to weight loss in such a sort period, I've been taken off of Leflunomide.

Rather, I've been prescribed Enbrel and since I will be going on holiday soon, I will not be starting for several weeks. It will be two injections every week.

Thankfully I have several arrangements where a nurse will  be able to give me them, rather than do them myself. However I will most likely learn to inject them myself in case I'm never able to get to a nurse or whoever, or if I get confidence enough I'll just do them myself.

Leflunomide, however, seemed to be working quiet well besides the worrying side effects.
Also, both my regular nurse and doctor seemed concerned about my heart rate, which was a bit high.
In fact, the doctor was so concerned I was sent to get an EKG. Though my heart rate was elevated, it wasn't too concerning.


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