My Project, School Project

I know that lately I have been rather lazy with my posts, and I apologize. I've had so much to do between visitors, projects and just trying to find the time to relax. Anyway, I haven't been very sure of what to post about lately. Thus I've procrastinated. I've been watched medical documentaries from other countries to see how they go about procedures and medical care. I've listened to theme park soundtracks. And I haven't even thought of a subject to write about. How about my project?
While I don't want to be too specific, I will tell you it is something I've wanted to do for quite a while. I've been working on it despite having school assignments to complete. I figured that I could work on them both at the same time but it's not exactly working out that way so what I think I might do is alternate days of which I do the seperate projects.
Anyway one project involves a product with a price and the other involves not getting paid at all. You'd be shocked at which one the school project is.


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