Second Best Gesture

Many times doctors and nurses are able to help people recover from diseases.
Sometimes doctors and nurses can't help you and they want to.
There's no cure or pain relief for some diseasees.
A poem that was about a young child with cancer put it "The worse part about being in the hospital,
is that they give you all the ice cream you want because they know there is nothing better they can do.
Ice cream can't make things better."
And it's true.
People who are terminally ill often have their wildest dreams and wishes granted.
Kids with arthritis, epilepsy, and such often have camps and fun days devoted to them.
This, they feel, is the best way to treat a person because when giving them a cure isn't possible,
giving them happiness is the next best thing.
I don't see this as a bleak thing.
I see this as a life lesson.


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