Great Enbrel, Bad Kidneys

My visit to the hospital yesterday was a rather good one, I'd say.

I'd like to start off saying that Enbrel has definitely helped, and it showed in the fact I showed more range of motion just about everywhere and I have slight pain reduction. Two great, promising things. A 5% improvement in just a few weeks is great hope.

Sometimes people tell me that hospitals as depressing. I don't really look at doctors and hospitals to be something to be depressed about. I rather like my doctors, nurses (most of them anyway), technicians, and the other patients and families I meet. We laugh an awful lot and have great conversations. I know getting your blood drawn is unpleasant, but it doesn't have to be completely unpleasant: A great phlebotomist and conversation can really make it 95% better!

But anyway, my mum and I tried a new restaurant afterward. Even though we hated it, it was great that we got to go out and try something different. We did some shopping and had a great time.
The only bad part really was having my best friend inform me- as any good friend would- that this boy was telling my friends lies about me. I swear I haven't a clue why girls get the bad name for gossiping and spreading rumours: Boys are much worse.


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