Joy That Came From Pain

So sorry (AGAIN) to be late posting: I've been very busy. In fact, I have had barely any time to sleep forget write. But I will have some time in the next few days, or so I hope.
Tomorrow I will actually be going back to the hospital again, to get my arthritis checked on as well as my kidneys, which I have been having problems with lately. I will have news of that much later.
As most people know, I constantly pick on my arthritis and even the kidney problems.
I probably sound like a jerk to people who don't get it.
The fact is, the more I joke, the more it helps me in the long run. Joking on it makes it less of a big deal. It helps me become tougher and in charge of my disease. Also it helps my friends to be comfortable with the fact there is no need to pretend nothing is happening. Anyway, I'd rather laugh at arthritis than always be sad and worrying. But none the less, I think it has it's humour. I love to pick on the fact I can't straighten my fingers all the way sometimes, or that I walk like a robot. I laugh at myself sometimes about those sorts of things. In a lot of ways, I suppose you can say I found light in a dark situation. Joy in a sad time. The warmth and softness of your bed after a very long day.


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