Grand and Leave

Yesterday was a grand day. I got to spend the day with two of my aunts and we shopped and had a wonderful meal together. I rather like getting to spend the day with family exclusively, as I notice a lot of times people seem to forget that one another exist. Too many walls are built for love to be able to pass through. Then again, that seems to be the point.
There have been many times in life when I've found that I have lost friends. Usually there are no fights, we just stop corresponding. And, of course, there are times when trust is lost and promises broken and it's in those times when people forget that anger is not the only emotion in the world. Perhaps though, that is just when you know that your ready to move on. However in those situations, I feel it is better to simply let communcation slip rather than to be hurtful about another (especially behind one's back). It shows  a lot of respect towards the other person as well as yourself to simply keep hurtful thoughts to yourself.
I don't understand why people can't simply leave things be. It's nobody's business of what your opinion of another person is.


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