Thinking Of Pain

Recently, I've experienced 'thinking away pain.' I noticed that when I started thinking about my kidneys and the pain I got from them, I would begin to get that pain. When I thought about taking Enbrel as being painful, it was worse. Also when I watched a medical documentary, I found that a whole group of young men 'gave' each other a disease with various symptoms because one said he had that particular symptom. Eventually they all convinced one another that they were unable to move their legs.

When I began to get a throbbing headache and nasuea the other day, I remembered this. So I began to tell myself that I don't have a headache, and thought about something else. It helped so much.

I'm begining to believe the idea that the only disablitiy we have is telling ourselves we 'can't.'

Fun Fact: You can bite off your finger as easily as biting into a carrot but your brain tells you 'no, don't bite off your finger.'


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