A School Kid's Day

Recently I've had a conversation with someone about my school. They asked why I'm very tired after school (arthritis aside). To tell you the truth, most kids from my school are exhausted after school. This is what one  school day looks like: they're not all this long, but it is quite often that they are.

Kids begin to travel to get to school as early as 6:15.
Early morning meetings and tutoring begin at 7:00, which is when most kids begin to arrive, however most kids rather hang out with friends.
Classes start around 7:30.
We get to go to lunch at 11:00 (some kids go to the library or go out to play football).
Classes resume at about 11:30 and ends at 14:00. Some kids go home at this point.
Clubs, tutoring, sports, detention, and such begin at 14:15 (Don't worry, no detentions for me :) ).
Some kids do homework and relax in the library with friends (after a bit it's more socialising than working).
We can also work out with exercise equipment.
Most clubs let out at 15:30, sports will let out anywhere from 16:00 to 17: 30.
Additional classes on select days (which I do take) are in session at about 15:45.
Class lets out about 17:45, with second classes for kids in sports from 18:00 to 20:00.
I usually get to leave at 18:00.

It's a long day but hey, it could be worse! I read of some kids in some countries having ten hours of lessons in a day, as well as clubs or sports. Some even go in on weekends or year round.


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