Just Keep Swimming

When boys and girls are little, we can't seem to get them out of a swimming pool. Once their older, it seems we can't get them in a swimming pool.
In school, I have to take swimming class. Unfortunately.
In my first year of swimming almost everyone participated. Now, after several years, most everyone dreads it. Today, in a class of twenty kids (nine girls, eleven boys), only six kids (including me) swam (two girls, four boys). It's been worse. Once I was the only girl with four boys. But that's besides the fact. Kids won't do swimming class because they don't want to. I can understand, the reasons being:
1. Your hair feels gross and is wet for the rest of the day.
2. The swimming is intense.
3. They don't give us enough time to get ready for our next class.
Among other things of course.
I do swimming regardless, I've only missed one class of all my years of swimming due to feeling extremely ill that day. I've gotten very use to having to push through feeling uncomfortable and struggling to keep going on, and the reward is great: a perfect grade is very worth it. I think it might be worth it to go through arthritis if I got something great for it.


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