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Christmas is nearly here! Usually it's a very stressful time. This year I planned ahead of what needs to be done. Granted, I've been pacing myself pretty well and keeping Arthur at peace with Enbrel, but it's none the less still very stressful. It's not so much the holiday stress getting to me, it's more of stress at school. I know teachers have to do their job and all, but the mountains of homework aren't exactly making this an enjoyable time. Luckily I'm about done with school so I can focus on being happy with my family and friends soon. Some of my friends and I are actually having a Christmas party in the coming days and I'm very excited for that.
But of course I've been facing a bit of physical stress. I still have to swim a few days in school and on top of the classes before and after, my body has taken quite a toll. The other day after swimming about seven laps, I thought I was okay. My heart rate is still quite high and I've been nervous about over doing it (it would be a nightmare if I ever passed out in school). But after I left the pool to shower and change, my heart was very fast and as I stood in the humid hall waiting for the next class, I got so nauseous and tired I thought I was going to vomit on the kid next to me. I sat down but it didn't get better. I practically ran to my next class so I could sit and try and calm down. I was fine a little later but that incident was quite uncomfortable. And no, I did not see the nurse or tell anyone until I was okay again. I know, it's important to tell someone when your sick (especially when your sick to begin with) but I'm always worried I'm bothering someone. Anyway, I did tell my mum when I got home.
Anyway. Yes, Christmas is coming. I don't know if I'll write again before the holiday so I'd like to wish everyone a happy Christmas in advance just in case.


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