Five Fears

When I tell people I go to the hospital a lot, do my own shots, and all this sort of thing regarding medicine, they say that they couldn't handle it. I know a lot of people who have a lot of fears or anxiety about needing medical treatment. Trust me, I've been there. In fact, I still have a lot of fears medical wise. Granted, not as much as I began with but, none the less, I still have fears. Whilst there are many fears and anxiety, a lot of the ones I've heard about from others seem to revolve around these five things: 1. Fear of a poor quality of life. No one wants to live in pain or be disabled. I don't think anyone would like that. 2. Fear of the unknown. It's hard to live not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Living asking 'Do I have cancer,' 'Is my liver failing as we speak,' and 'What's wrong' is very stressful and painful. I know this fear and pain personally. 3. Fear of inability to pay for treatment. Walking around feeling or knowing that you're the cause of debt must be terrible. It's a common reason why all around the world, people ignore their health. 4. Fear of medical tests, procedures, and treatments: Both pain and fear that it will not work. I have to admit, sometimes I'm scared to death of what my doctor suggests we try next if a treatment isn't helping or if we need to find the cause of a problem. Fortunately, I've learned to cope with this fear well, but I know of people who really jeopardized their health because of it. 5. Fear of the worse. Some people keep the thought of the worse that could happen in the back of their mind and some people have it in every thought. But regardless, it's scary! I think this occurs most often when people Google their symptoms and read the worse that could happen. I recommend you take my advice and don't do that. I'm not saying these are the only fears, and I'm not saying everyone experiences fear in these situations. This is just my take on the fears that I've felt or that others have told me about. I'm not stereotyping anyone, I promise. :)


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