My Frustrating Pain

I'm just having a bad day today. I just really don't like how I feel when I move: Everything is sore and stiff and uncomfortable. I'm extremely frustrated right now.

All that frustration comes from feeling awkward about the way I move, being uncomfortable from the pain, being upset that I can't do much to help the pain and that people just don't get that I don't feel good, and from being held back from doing what I really want to get done. I'll probably just relax for a bit now and see if tomorrow is better: I had a few things I wanted to do that I'm really just not up for at the moment.

The truth is, arthritis isn't just a chronic and painful illness. It's an uncomfortable, frustrating, awkward disease.

Sorry, I just needed to express the emotional symptoms.


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day. Handling the different emotions that arthritis brings can be really difficult. I hate the looks I get in public, and it's frustrating when my friends and family don't understand (and I know they try. But unless you have arthritis, I think it's probably impossible to totally "get" it).

    When I first had arthritis, the pain was the most difficult thing to handle, and then it was the emotions, and now it's the extreme fatigue. This disease keeps you on a roller coaster, doesn't it?

    Hope you're feeling better by now.

    1. It really is impossible to really 'get it' unless you have it. Sometimes my uncles, aunts and cousins just pretend it's not there and that hurts the most because they push me so much: Once they teased me with food because I didn't want to eat, due to the nausea of Methotrexate.
      It really is a roller coaster. Sometimes it feels like a roller coaster that only goes up.
      Thanks, I am. :)


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