Why Do People Hide?

Dear World,

I don't know why we hide things that aren't perfect. Humans are not perfect and that is not to be ashamed of.

People hide their natural hair, skin, interests, and just a lot of things that make humans so great. We also try to hide things that are nearly impossible to hide. I was pondering this the other night and realised how many things I try to hide away. So today, I'd just like to make public the biggest thing I try and hide and I do this because I'm very tired of my attempts to hide away.

The number one thing I try to hide is my voice.

 I have a hard time talking to people my age. I think a lot of them think I'm kind of dumb, so I get nervous. Sometimes I stutter or don't say things correctly, but other times I'm just so nervous of judgement that I won't talk at all. This isn't without reason: In the past, even just a few days ago, I've had people laugh when I speak. I don't know why, but they do and I hate it. I don't like hiding my voice, and I don't think I will anymore. I'm tired of not being heard. I'm beginning to prefer being heard and laughed at, then being silent and forgotten.

But anyway, I think we all have something we try to hide. Humans tend to be naturally insecure, so I feel it tends to be natural. And we don't all hide things for the same reasons. Lately I've been challenging myself to stop hiding things. I wish everyone would too.


  1. I used to be really shy as a kid, so I can understand that.

    The biggest thing I hide is my feelings. I have a hard time being honest about what's going on inside. I'm working on it, though, and I've improved over the years. One step at a time, right?


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