I am a very negative person. Not occasionally, but always. I don't really know how I am or what I do, but I guess I am from what I was told. I had always thought of myself as realist, not a pessimist. I thought I laughed and smiled enough, and I don't often have very depressing days. I suppose I'm wrong though, because I now know I am a very sad, depressing person and that I ought to be more enthusiastic.

 I nearly laugh thinking of what I was told today, because I never thought I was this sad person I was made out to be. Enthusiasm is great over something happening, but am I suppose to cheer when the teacher hands us a test? Am I supposed to jump up and down (if I could, anyway) before I eat a favourite food? Should I beam when I give a person a present, only to find it's unappreciated? I guess so because everyone else does this and I'm the only person in the world who doesn't.

Perhaps I should take notes on being a more positive person from this person? That way, instead of joking about moving like a robot, I will let everyone know how miserable I feel. And rather than getting all my work done, I'll moan about how stupid it is. And instead of feeling gratified of the few hours a day I put into work, I'll complain that all my time is spent on homework.

This plan is splendid! I'm going to become the ideal person soon!


  1. Oh boy did someone get in your crawl. :) Firstly BE WHO YOU ARE! Secondly you are not a negative person. As one realist to another, I know. Even the most positive people have negative moments, but acknowledging realities and being realistic about outcomes is NOT negative. From your writing I would actually classify you as a realistic optimist.

    Hang in there! Keep being an inspiration to yourself and others!


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