Night of Ice and Blood. A Lot of Blood.

Yesterday I was invited to go to one of my friend's houses. She has a little ice skating rink, so my friends and I were invited to skate.One of my friends was on crutches, and when she walked in everyone said "Wow, Elizabeth, it's not you this time!" :) We all had a lovely meal, and then most of us got on the ice. We were all having a wonderful time, because even if you weren't skating, you were sitting next to a warm fire. Some of the boys couldn't find ice skates in their size so they just walked on the ice, which was very funny. A common thing you heard when I got on the ice was "Elizabeth, don't hurt yourself again."

Some of us started pushing one another on these sort of plastic boxes. Finally it was my turn to push a friend who was sitting on one. We barely even left where we started when I felt some sort of force push against me (I suspect the girl's skate, as she said she was trying to help push herself). That force caused us to tip over and we fell onto the ice. It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't smash my face into the boxes. I thought I just hit my head a little bit, no big deal, when my friends gathered saying "You're nose is gushing blood!"  My nose was like Niagara Falls. And, naturally, the first thing I said was "Wow. I never had a bloody nose." That's when it hurt and I started tearing up (no crying, just tears), and my friend's father literally had to carry me to a chair to get my skates off and my shoes on so I could get in the house. As I walked to the house, I stopped and looked at my friends, and said "Hey look, it was me who got hurt, again." :)
There was blood everywhere! My clothes are covered in blood and one spot on my poor friend's ice skating was so red: It looks like I was murdered! After a couple of minutes, the bleeding stopped and I was alright. My friends were really worried, and were relieved that I was okay and that I wouldn't have to go to hospital (again). The rest of the night was really good though: We had these wonderful home made cupcakes and hot chocolate, and joked sitting around the table.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! That's awful :/ I'm glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the day though (cupcakes are awesome).

  2. Thanks. :) I'm alright now.
    They are: My friend's mum is a chef so they were like Heaven on Earth.


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