Barefoot Walking

I have the worst time with shoes. I always have and I expect that I always will. It's not a surprise that I go barefoot whenever I can, even when going outside. I have since I was very young too, in fact there were entire summers I never wore shoes unless we were going out. I always thought that was very common with children until recently when I asked other people my age if they liked playing outside with no shoes in the summer when they were little and they said they were never allowed. When I specified and said in the grass in their own gardens, they still said they were never allowed to go without shoes. I once read somewhere that children with disabilities tend to enjoy walking with bare feet and that tends to help a lot in respects to developing arches and balance, and I will never doubt that for a moment.

When I did wear shoes, they were things with plenty of support. I used to get jealous of children wearing unsupportive shoes, because they tended to look cuter. The one time I did wear an unsupportive shoe when I was six years old, I tripped and needed four stitches on my knee. To this day I'm very weary of unsupportive shoes. I wore some the other day in my own house and I needed to get on the floor to do something. When I tried to get up, I got the feeling only unsupportive shoes can give: like your ankle is going to slip out of socket at any moment, and all other joints are about to break. I mean, that happens when I walk too much in them anyway but it was magnified to a huge extent. People, even family, tease me because I can't wear those fashionable little shoes but they don't realise it's because I don't like that unstable feeling. I don't like feeling like I'm going to fall and break  something.

I love the shoes I wear now. I put orthopaedic arches in them for extra support. They have low heels and tons of area for good weight distribution. They're not always the most fashionable thing, but they fit well and I like them. That's all that matters. I like my bare feet, and I like my shoes. I found a good balance. Everyone needs that: you need what will support your body properly and comfortably. It may be hard, but don't give up: your feet have been there every step of the way.


  1. Great post and great advice on the shoes! Supportive shoes really help!


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