Rules for Life

Recently, I've been reminded of the rules. They're not fair at all. Then again, what is?

People are not always going to treat you as you treat them. There is going to be favouritism over you. Others will be treated much better than you. But don't fret; So long as you treat yourself well, you are untouchable. Your self worth is a priceless gift to yourself. You are beautiful and never let anyone convince you otherwise. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent," Eleanor Roosevelt.

There is very little given. You have to take. Don't miss out on anything because it wasn't given to you. Push until you get what you need. Fight for your rights, your needs, your dreams. You owe it to yourself to achieve everything and anything that you could possibly ever dream of. If there is a will, there's a way.

Realise that we will not always have a direct way of solving problems. Sometimes we must wait it out. It may be very painful journey. I beg you to fight and never give up. Fight and give it all you have. Whether it be a long battle with severe arthritis or a car ride home where you are holding back tears because you can't cry infront of the other passengers, fight and never give up. I believe humans have an inner strength that could move mountains, we just don't know we have it until we need it.

You are going to get hurt. Forgive. It's not easy and may take a long time, but try. Forgive. Living in anger will give you a painful life. Memories hurt the most.

I was extremely hurt recently. I haven't been so hurt in such a long time. I forgot that nothing is perfect and no one is perfect. Sometimes I think it's good to remember these things. They apply to life in all aspects, whether its arthritis or with people.

Be brave. Be strong. I know you are.


  1. I'm sorry you were recently hurt Elizabeth :(, but glad you are getting stronger from it. I LOVE this post, it's so true...everything we learn from arthritis also prepares us for the craziness of general life as well. Great advice :)


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