Stress Often, Health Little

I have been worrying too often. I've been breathing too little.

I've been slacking too often. I've been painting too little.

I've been thinking too much. I've been relaxing too little.

I've been tensing too often. I've been stretching too little.

I've been forgetting to eat too often. I've been eating too little.

I've been sleeping too often. I've been well rested too little.

I've been drinking my calories too often. I've drank water too little.

I've been too busy too often. I've smelt the roses too little.

I've been daydreaming too often. I've written too little.

I've been ready to be healthy for so long. I've got little time to waste.

Dear Elizabeth,
Take your own advice for once, you hypocrite. Take care of yourself.
Your body needs it.
I need it.


  1. I read too much and move too little, but I learn every day. This is a really thoughtful post, Elizabeth. It's odd how we truly mean well toward ourselves but often have trouble actually living our own advice. In the end, we can only try. Self-awareness such as you've demonstrated here helps. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks. It's true- we really only can try. I think it's recognising our needs aren't being met is what is most important.

      I hope you have a good weekend too! :)


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