Driving Arthritis

Maybe it's me. Maybe it's my car. Maybe it's Arthur. But whatever it is, it makes driving an unpleasant experience. I'm betting it's my back though.

Spinal arthritis and sitting up straight with your feet extended and your arms propped up isn't exactly comfortable. Cars are designed to be ergonomical. I propose they design cars for people with arthritis, because the designs at the moment just aren't doing it. People wonder why I like public transport: It's because by the time I'm at my destination, my spine is not typically- for lack of better terms- dying. I mean, if we're talking about a quick drive that's not a problem. But if it's anymore than say a half hour, forty five minutes then we have a problem.

So, what's a girl to do? I don't like taking pain relievers before hand because sometimes they make me dizzy. And there is no way I can possibly walk everywhere. So, if I can't be painfree I thought I might as well be comfortable. Thin pillow for positioning, heat backs and let's not forget clunky walking shoes. Now, if only my car was the kind with the heated seats. Now that's living. Better yet, a chauffeur.


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