Elizabeth, Please Burn Out

Dear Elizabeth,

What are you doing?!

You should be burning out any day now, and I'll make sure of that!

Really? Volunteer work? I get it, it's good for others... But not so for me. Let's pay a little more attention to who controls if you have the stamina to, alright?

School... I get it, you've got your priorities but I've got mine too. You can't neglect me so you can go to school. And now your doing Saturday classes... Really? You think you can handle that? Well, I'll make sure you've got your hands full between classes and me.

Oh, and lets not forget those stupid art projects your always working on. I know your working on lots of things, especially for The Girl with Arthritis, but what about me?! Don't you ever sit down like I want you to?

Elizabeth... I miss you. You're just so busy all the time... There just hasn't been enough time for me lately. You just don't pay attention to me anymore. I miss all the time we spent together: Can't we just have a bit of quality time together?

AKA Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis

PS, You know how you need a half hour to get out of bed now? That's my message about needing more quality time.


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