My Biggest Fear

Recently one YouTube, a very well known Youtuber did a video talking about what he is most afraid of. He said that since he is an atheist, death is the scariest thing for him. Imagining nothingness for eternity scares him a lot. Many people agreed, saying that death is their fear because of it.

How I see it, they probably don't actually fear death itself, they fear nothingness. Every fear we have tends to be for a bigger reason, and some of them come for bigger reasons. For example, I don't like the dark. It's not that I fear the darkness itself, it's that I fear there is danger I can't see. But that's not my 'biggest fear.'

I suppose you could say fear is pain. It sounds funny from a person who's had arthritis since before they could remember but it's true. I am actually afraid of actual pain, but there is more to it. I'm afraid of what's happening to cause the pain. I'm afraid something is wrong. I'm horribly afraid of suffering. I'm deathly afraid that pain will keep me from fulfilling my goals. Though pain may be scary for me, it's being kept from fulfilling my goals that is the worst. I'll toughen up and face any pain if it means I get to go on to fulfill my dreams.

It's often not our fears that is what actually scares us.  A lot of times the reason for our fears is our true fear.

I highly recommend writing down some fears and trying to get to the bottom of them. It helps us get to know ourselves more than we did before. It can also help you get past those fears, or at least understand them.


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