Fatigue. It's a common side effect with just about any disease that is caused by your immune system. It can be constant and severe at times. It usually strikes when you really need energy. And the worst part is, lots of people won't believe you! It's- once again- one of those things people will think your using as an excuse to get out doing things. Again.

There are lots of reasons we experience fatigue. From proteins in the blood to anaemia to simply being worn out from a flare, fatigue can come many ways. Lots of  people aren't able to fall asleep easily or simply don't reach a deep level of sleep, which can make fatigue even worse. So, what are we to do?

There is no magic cure for fatigue- but if you happen to be a researcher, please take note! But anyways, there are some things take can help. Vitamin D and omega 3 are always good for you and can really help. Taking a quick nap when you need it is always a good idea. And eating heavy, rich foods at night may help you feel more tired and fall asleep quicker. Never feel bad about yosf bring fatigued: It's not you, it's your body. You didn't do anything to feel this way and if someone doesn't understand, then that's their fault and not yours. You are amazing.


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