17 Things That Annoy Arthur and I

A List of 17 things that annoy us, in no particular order.There are many more than this, but I had to cut it down. By about seven hundred.

17. People who chew obnoxiously. Besides for the terrible annoyance, there's a bit of jealously in regards to my jaw: if I chewed like that, either Arthur or my mother would smack some sense into me. Not literally. Well, maybe Arthur.

16. When the bus driver doesn't pull up to the pavement close enough so you have to step down to the road then up.

15. Every pain reliever ad. They don't know what they're talking about.

14. When you're watching a medical drama on television and they get everything wrong.

13. When you make plans and it's seemed like a good idea... until you actually have to get up and get dressed.

12. When you have to explain to the doctor exactly what your disease is. "You're the doctor, shouldn't you be telling me?"

11. When someone says "It's just arthritis." "Yes, and this is just me resisting the urge to smack you... You know, if my hands didn't hurt from my just arthritis."

10. Cherry juice, honey, ginger, and green tea. If you know what I'm talking about, feel free to add more in the comments.

9. Brain fog. Especially the kind before presenting a report. To a huge class. Specifically the class with the cute boy.

8. When you've used the hottest water possible for your bath but the water is cold within five minutes anyway.

7. When the lovely outfit you picked out only looks good with the painful shoes.

6. Heat pack burns.

5. When an ice pack on a swollen, hot joint sounds so good, but handling the cold makes your hands hurt more.

4. Pain Medicine: "Symptoms may include joint pain..."

3. "Can't you just use that rub on stuff?"

2. When a nurse weighs you and it's two or three pounds heavier than when you weighed yourself. She's obviously jealous of this sexy beast- er, young lady.

1. When you struggle to open up a brand new jar, wasting precious spoons just to find out there was an already opened jar.

What annoys you most?


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