Paper Cut Amputations

We all know that one person who can make anything sound a hundred times worse than it actually is. Unfortunately, I am constantly followed by one. A pimple on the arm? Yeah, that's a horrible painful rash that is simply incurable. A paper cut? Might need to be amputated. A very light bruise? "There's lots of blood flow there so it's like daggers and knives." Fell on the schoolyard as a child? "My knees are still torn! I have the scars! There's probably still pavement in there!" Listen, I've seen those knees: if there are scars, obviously I am blind. 

You know, maybe I've just been sick long enough or injured enough times to see past the exaggerations. But really annoys me is everyone else gives into this person!! The sympathy is really... Pathetic. Yes, this is a jealousy story. But it isn't over someone else getting attention- that's the last thing I like. It's that people can care less over a person in twenty four hour pain for someone who is complaining about a pimple on the arm!

I know sometimes people do things to get attention. I don't know why they want the attention, but I can sympathize that no one likes to be forgotten. But I am not forgiving about one person being so concerned about themselves that it makes another person who needs help forgotten. Take it from the person who couldn't get up from her chair because everyone else was very concerned about , you guessed it, a small pimple on the arm. Of course, this isn't about me: I usually can get by without needing help. This is about everyone else who needed help desperately but didnt get it, because someone who didnt need it took it.


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