To My Dearest

This post, although seeming to be exclusive to a romantic partner, is meant for the people in life who make everything much better. It is meant for all the parents, partners, friends and children who are active in the lives of their chronically ill loved ones. 

To My Dearest,

I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you, but yet I watch everyday as you suffer. Sometimes it's easy to forget that chronic pain hurts more than one person, but I am able to see it hurt you often. I never wanted that for you- I can deal with my disease, but I don't want you to suffer it. And yet you do for me. I'm so sorry.

My Dear,

I am  sorry. As happy as you seem to help, I can see the sadness in your eyes. I never meant to need help to do basic things, and I never meant to make you help me. It just happened. I can see that it upsets you to see me like this, and it upsets me to see you putting on the brave mask that hides the sad in you. I'm so sorry.

My Dear,

I am sorry. I never wanted to put you through my disease. I never wanted for you to feel the pain, to experience the fear and to shed tears of the two combined. I wanted for you to be happy and free as a bird. It makes me happy to see you happy. I am so sorry.

To My Dear,

Thank you. For never leaving me alone. I've needed you: You've brought me through lots. And though there have been many bad times, there have been many good times. I love the laughter and joy we have together. I can never thank you enough, my dear.



  1. That is one of the hardest parts of JRA, but people help because they love you and that is what makes it easier to deal with


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