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When I first began treatment for juvenile arthritis, I was put on a roller coaster: Mentally, emotionally and physically. I would say the first two years were the most wild, but there have been plenty of loops, hills and spirals along the way. Chronic illnesses tend to put people on roller coaster journeys. Nothing is set in stone, which means whilst things could go wrong, things could also go well. We're all at different parts of the ride, of which is completely different for everyone. But I think there are about four types of coasters we've all been on at some time.

  • The Wooden Coaster: The wooden coaster is generally predictably since you can see the front of the track. The thing about it is that it's not a smooth ride: Wooden tracks are rickety and although you know where you're going, it can feel like it can change at any moment. This track can instantly turn into one of the following.
  • The Steel Coaster: Typically very fast and unpredictable. Sure, you're view of the track isn't obscured however you're probably moving way too fast to even know what's going on at all. Though is a smooth course, it contains steep hills, bends, twists and loops that can really change your point of view.
  • The Children's Coaster: Probably the track everyone would most like to be on. Designed for the little ones, this track is predictable and gentle. Maybe a few small hills and a turn here and there, but nothing you can't handle. Of course, this can change rather fast into any other coaster. 
  • 'Space Mountain' Coaster: named in honour of the infamous Disney attractions, this coaster takes place in the dark. Nothing is predictable here. Full of sudden jerks, turns and hills, you never know what you'll get hit with. Anyone will agree this is the worst track. I've found myself on this track many times. I hope you never will be on it.
There are many other tracks, but I feel I've covered the basic ones. Whatever track you are on now, I wish it an easy ride for you. And remember, it doesn't have to be scary : It can be enjoyable. It just depends on what you make of it.


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