Arthritis Life Q&A

Hi guys! Lately I've gotten a lot of questions about having arthritis and I thought I would share them with you. Enjoy!

"What did you do to get arthritis?"

What did you do to get brown eyes or red hair? You got a specific set of genes. Science seems to point that autoimmune arthritis and other diseases are hereditary and passed on through genes and come out due to triggers like being ill or an injury.

"Why can't you just get a hip replacement?"

I don't need one! Yet. My joints are damaged, but the damage isn't what causes all the pain: it's the inflammation caused by my immune system. Getting steal hips and knees won't stop the pain.

"Did you know apples are good for the immune system?"

Next question.

"Why are you so tired all the time?"

Alas, it's a symptom of autoimmune arthritis. Not only doesn't hurt to move, I'm too tired to move anyway!

"I heard arthritis can be caused by not flossing enough. Do you floss?"


"How do you continue on with all that pain?"

Let's be honest: Do I have much of a choice in that? I guess I do. It's for the reasons anyone else goes on: I've got a dream and I'm following it.

"Have you ever lost friends due to having arthritis?"

Yes. The last time was a year ago, thankfully. Sometimes people can't handle chronic illness, even if they're not the one who has it. Oh well, someone who leaves you because you're dealing with something isn't worth your time or sadness.

 "Did you know cherry juice helps-"

We're not doing this today.

"What's brain fog?"

... I'm sorry, can you repeat the question? I forgot.

""Why do you takes uh dangerous medicines when ibuprofen is so much safer?"

That doesn't prevent horrible damage for. Being done to my body. You may not understand- and that's okay until you see what a person goes through with flaring arthritis-  but it's very worth it. For some, it's either taking a medicine or not having a quality of life.

"Have you tried diets?"

Somewhat. I have a lifestyle where it's hard to follow very strict diets, like gluten free or something. But I'm happy how I live now-  I eat healthy enough, walk for exercise and my medicines help a lot.


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