Blue Nails

If you know me, you know that I'm always cold. I've always wondered if this was the arthritis or if it  means I have a cold heart. Regardless, you tend to see me bundled up at all times. Sometimes I won't even take my coat off when I get  home at night. The cold instantly makes my body stiffer and more painful: if I'm out shopping, I'll just walking around looking so I don't have to move too much. And let's not even  go into how cold my hands are at all times (eve in the summer). But recently, I've had the oddest thing happen to me: My fingernails are going blue.

The first time this happened I text my mum a picture. She instantly became frightened and called my rheumatologist. He wasn't in, but the nurse wrote it down in my charts. I see him next week anyway.  I've been taking pictures of it to show my doctor as well.

Everyone in my family who has been told is obviously a little startled and then goes on to suggest it's just the cold. Obviously: When you have arthritis, any little thing that bothers you is "because of the cold." But they care. Except for the one who shrugged saying his fingers get cold too.

Being the professional sick person I am, the first thing that popped into my head is Raynaud's. But this would probably be the slightest case of it ever seen. But it's the only (not scary) theory I have at the moment. Isn't it weird how with autoimmune anything, the minute you get in a comfortable spot something else pops up? Just like, "hey, that flare is over? Great, but let's spice it up!"

Oh well. It could be much worse! I'm just going to be sitting on my hands, carrying hand Warmers and wearing fingerless gloves more often. What fun!


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