Disgusting Patient Care

 I go to school with a wide variety of characters. And no, it's not because they're art students. Actually, at least half time time I go to classes with -gasp- other people. Oh the horror! Yes, there are kids studying for every type of profession. I've noticed the most popular is nursing. In fact, I would bet money on saying that for every ten students I've met, at least two are going to be nurses. Nursing has been a very popular career choice for a long time, and many think it's a stable, rewarding job. And I agree with that: Sometimes I wish I had what it takes to nurse. But I know I couldn't, so I moved on. I just wish others would too.

The other day I sat in class, quietly reviewing for an exam when I heard person loudly talking about their job. I found this person is studying to be a nurse, and is working as a nursing assistant in a dementia and Alzheimer's ward. What I also found was that I'm horrified of what's happening there. This person described locking herself and the patients in a small sitting room for hours on end. Then they turn on the television and wait for their shift to be  done. They talked of being annoyed and getting a headache from an elderly lady who would not stop crying, not wanting to be locked up. They laughed as they talked of an elderly gentleman who is only able to say a few words. They talked  of leaving a patient asleep in a completely inappropriate area, where they could get hurt. This person talked of their patients like they were worthless things, not people in need of care. Someone suggested they bring a book to read to the patients, and the person dismissed it saying "I don't care enough to."

I wish I could tell you this is a horrible joke, but I can't.

I could go on about the disrespect of patients and the lack of care, but their words speak loud enough. I could ask "what if they were their grandparents?" But I'm not. I will say I cried thinking that's what a loved family member of mine could be enduring in her care, but thankfully I know she's not. And I will say we need to stop hurting people. Not patients: People.

PS. I swear I'm not a troll. This is an actual person talking about their actual nursing job.


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