The Test

No I haven't returned from holiday, but I have found time to post.
So... how's it going?
I'm fine. Kind of. Sort of. A little bit. Maybe.
Though I'm not ready to truely release what has been going on in my life (holiday aside), I will let you know I have been going through a very hard and uncertain time. I dont' know when I will be ready to write about it, but rest assured I will eventually.
I'm just not ready.
What's happening is very sad, unfortunate and makes me very angry. And I hate to admit, but I'm frightened at the moment too. Now more than ever is time to be brave, but I find courage is hard to find when you need it.
Perhaps at a later date my loyalty will begin to be tested. Though I know I'm a rather loyal person, for the first time in my life my true loyalty will be needed and come out, that is if I truely am.
Anyhow, thank you for reading and I will update in a few days or sooner.


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