The Director, Narrator, Script Writer and Child

I don't feel like pouring my emotions into a post today.

Today, I don't want to talk about my arthritis.

In fact, I'm not even in the mood to complain about homework today.

No, today I'm just going to tell you about a fun time I had.

The other night my guy friend came over for dinner, and after dinner some of my family came over. While he and I tried to watch a Harry Potter movie, my young cousin decided she must ask us a "silly question and you're going to laugh."  She asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, to which we replied no. Then she proceeded to ask our favourite Disney Characters. And some how we we're actors in her play of Hercules and Cinderella falling in love and getting married. Of course, Hercules and Cinderella with odd acents because you must distort your voice when acting in a child's play. I think the best part of this was that we got this on film. She very much enjoyed that she "Got to direct (and be the narrator) using a real camera, so we could watch it on the computer." Though my friend would rather I delete the videos, I'm keeping them for two reasons. One being that children are only young for so long and having videos is one of the best ways to remember them young. The second being I found the films hilarious and I'm going to love watching them again one day.


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