Leflunomide, Calcium Oxalate Crystals, and Kidney Stones

Updated: October 2022

My name is Elizabeth and I will never have an easy disease to diagnose.

It took several years ro get my diagnosis.

I've taken a few different drugs, but none of them truly worked out for me.

Methotrexate didn't work well.

But Leflunomide changed my life.

Not so much arthritis-wise, as I responded well. However, I began experiencing possible thyroid and kidney problems while taking leflunomide. I have calcium crystals in my kidneys, which could later become stones. As my mum says, "I'm sparkling on the inside." 

We found this as blood was found in my urine many times. I also had to do a twenty-four hour urine sample, which is when you collect all the urine you produce in twenty-four hours. It really is quite embarrassing walking into the hospital with a container of your own urine, but it's worth it. I'm currently seeing a specialist for this problem and we are taking care of it right now by discontinuing leflunomide and letting it leave my body. I'll be starting a biologic instead. 

I read up on leflunomide and couldn't find much information regarding kidney stones. Although, I did find this report of kidney stones associated with Arava (leflunomide): https://www.ehealthme.com/ds/arava/kidney-stones/


  1. I have also had experiences with JRA that I would like everyone to know. I have had success with the Paleo diet actually getting rid of inflammation factors in the blood (the Doc says blood reluslts were perfect for the first time ever). You might want to look into it.

    1. Hello!
      I have read about this diet and actually have cousin who have tried it! I might look a bit more into it reading this, thank you!
      I also read that many times inflammation may be triggered by a food allergy by things such as dairy or certain grains: The allergy does not cause shock but rather damages your body in other ways such as in arthritis.
      Anyway I'm very happy to have read that this diet has helped you: Whatever helps you to be healthier is a great thing to celebrate! :)

    2. I am so glad i found your blog. I have RA and just started on Leflunomide and started feeling like I had kidney stones. I kept telling myself...NOOOO this can't be happening (I've had issues all my adult life with painful kidney stones) but this just confirmed my suspicion. Time to start chuggin lemonade. Thank you :)


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