I'm Invisible

As we have found my kidney problem is rather minor, I can say confidently nearly everything is back to normal. So, I'd like to post less about the news today and rather write what comes from the heart.

It's often said people with hidden disabilities suffer more than they should. This is very true.
Those with more outward conditions tend to be helped more, and this is due  to the fact people know it's the right thing to do. However, when you can't see what's going on you don't know anything is wrong. For this, I don't expect a stranger to hold the door or offer a seat on a crowded train.When I'm with family and friends though, I'm rather quiet in the fact I won't complain about pain or feeling sick. I don't expect life to stop just because of me. I don't want to burden my family or friends with my arthritis. Honest. Why should I always have to kill the fun? Every time I have, I always seemed to make everyone miss out on something. I'm not dying, I'll be okay after awhile so just why bother bringing everyone down? If they actually cared, they'd hold the door or offer their seat on a crowded train.


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