I'm Back Once More

Hello again. I've been home from holiday for a few days now, and ready to write about what has been going on.
What I wrote in my last post was actually regarding my best friend, of whom also has arthritis. Her medicines, as well as mine and most other's, have a risk of cancer. We had a 'cancer scare' a few days ago, as  she needed a biopsy  to check for Lymphoma. After waiting a few nerve wracking days of waiting  for results, we found she does not have cancer. It was a huge relief, naturally.
However now I'm going through  a medical scare of my own. I've demonstrated quite a few symptoms  of thyroid and kidney problems. In the past few days home, I've gone through several tests and shall go  for more tomorrow before seeing a specialist the day after.
At the moment, I am alright. It was not quite that way at the doctor's office when we recieved this news. And it's still quite heart breaking for  my family and friends. Right now, I'm trying not to feel that way as this is my life and I'm not mourning myself, especially as I am alive.
I'll be posting more frequently now that I am home, thank you for excusing my absence.


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