Being a Patient....

Is nerve wracking.
Most people have trouble waiting for their love interest to write back to them or waiting for a train.
Patients have trouble waiting for test results that could mean the struggle of their lives.
Imagine what it is like to wait several days for a doctor to call and tell you whether or not you have cancer.
And imagine sitting waiting, wondering if this time next week you'll be sitting in a hospital bed.
Or imagine waiting for further instructions to reduce your chances of pain. You feel the longer it takes, the more pain you will be in.
It's so  unbearable that after a week or two of waiting, you call and ask for the results and they'll tell you they will call you back. And they do. Two or three  days after the fact.
But not only that, you're nervous for the future. Will I be in a lot of pain... tomorrow. In a year. Forever?
And not only that but 'will this medicine cause cancer?' and 'will I pass this onto my children?' constantly runs through your brain, not to mention 'How will I ever afford this all?' Not just money wise, but emotionally, mentally and even physically.b


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