Kidneys, Ultrasounds and Enbrel

Today's hospital visit was mostly great. I found that any crystals once in my kidneys had flushed so my kidneys are fine. Also I was prescribed Enbrel to treat my psoriatic arthritis, which I am positive about. My rhuematologist and neprhologist (Kidney doctor) have been working very close together to ensure my kidneys will not be damaged with all the medicines. I'm very grateful to have two very caring doctors.
However, there were rather unhappy moments. This morning I needed a kideny ultrasound, which seemed to be fine until the technican began to appear uneasy. He left for a moment and came back with two doctors, who were all worried about something not appearing healthy.
It's a very scary and vulnerable moment to have several doctors stare at your results, practically ignoring you because whatever is on the screen is scaring them beyond belief.
It seemed to be nothing, thankfully.
Another rather unhappy time was when my kidney doctor immediately had me seen by another doctor, as he found I may have problems not only with my kidneys but with another system. This doctor who I was rushed to see seemed very unconcerned and very uninterested, as compared to my kidney doctor. He dismissed me as being healthy. But I have faith in my doctor's that if it is truly something concerniing, that they will persue it.
Over all I wouldn't call it a bad day, besides for being extremely tired as I had to leave my home very early in the morning to get to hospital.

On I side note, when I say I'm positive about taking Enbrel, I do mean it. I'm not trying to put on a brave face for everyone. I'm hopeful that this drug will help me, and it is clear that my doctor feels this is the best treatment option for me right now. Yes, there are nasty side effects, but side effects are not set in stone: every person is different and is affected differently. And of course I'm nervous it will hurt, but anything that hurts a little and takes away a lot of pain is well worth it to me.


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